Toyota Land Cruiser Seat Covers

Where do you adventure in your Land Cruiser? Off into outback wilderness with little or no roads, across an ocean shoreline, or maybe just into the city to drop your kids off at school before rushing to get to work. Where-ever you end up, your rugged vehicle might have seen its fair share of spills and stains, so protect your upholstery from any further mess (or save your brand new investment) with custom car seat covers to suit your vehicle from My Custom Car.

Fitted to each vehicle make, custom car seat covers are available in a range of tough and lasting materials and a diversity of styles to ensure that you can express your own taste. Fabricated to take on the most stubborn spills, the car seat covers are durable and made to accomodate all seat features including belts, arm rests and map pockets.

What are you waiting for? Check out seat covers to suit your Toyota Land Cruiser.

About the Toyota Land Cruiser

The quintessential off-roading vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Japanese car company’s longest running series of vehicle. In production since the 1950s, the most recent versions of the Land Cruiser has added several driver assist technologies such as Downhill Assist Control, Multi-Terrain Anti-Lock brakes, a four-wheel drive control system for smartly utilizing throttle and brakes while off-road and an optional rear-view camera.

The newer version doesn’t skimp on interior space either, with room for eight passengers and plenty of cargo space. High-mounted driver and front-passenger seats improve visibility when hitting the open road and our custom car seat covers can help protect the leather seating from costly and inconvenient stains and spills.

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