Are Car Seat Covers Safe For Heated Car Seats?

24th May 2023

Heated seats are no longer limited to high-end vehicles. Nowadays, even standard automobiles have heated seats, giving a comfortable driving experience for everyone. Imagine this: after surviving the … read more

New Car Tips | Custom Seat Covers

9th Feb 2021

A new car is exciting but protecting your seats against spills and scratches is often not so high on the priority list. We've got you covered! Our custom car seat covers are built to fit the exact con … read more
A Guide To Choosing Seat Covers

A Guide To Choosing Seat Covers

6th Oct 2020

You may assume your car's factory seats are holding up just fine. But as they begin to age, they may experience severe wear and tear from spills, dirt, pets, and sun damage. This results in your seats … read more

How to Protect You Car's Interior This Summer

16th Sep 2020

New or old, your car deserves some TLC this summer. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to protect leather car seats from sun damage, keep juice box spills at bay, or leave some of the beach sand … read more