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Do you own a Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, Patriot or Wrangler? Upgrade your interior with the help of a stylish and sturdy Jeep® car seat cover. My Custom Car's range consists of different fabrics and designs, so you can protect your seats while keeping it looking sleek and modern for years and years. Click here to select your fabric.

Jeep® models we make covers for: Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, Patriot or Wrangler

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About Jeep®

For 75 years, the Jeep® brand has been associated with adventure, freedom, passion and authenticity. They have inspired people to dream and to dare, to go farther and live larger. To explore every part of this world and discover new things. The company is committed to strength and meaningful engineering, and this helped them forge an outstanding bond between vehicles and their owners.

Jeep® vehicles have a raw and rugged look that appeals to those with active lifestyles. And for busybodies who are always on the go, it's important to have a strong, durable and reliable layer of protection for your car's interior. Ensure that your Jeep® is always looking its best, and would endure the test of time, with the help of a high-quality custom car seat cover from My Custom Car.