How to Protect You Car's Interior This Summer

16th Sep 2020

New or old, your car deserves some TLC this summer. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to protect leather car seats from sun damage, keep juice box spills at bay, or leave some of the beach sand at the beach this year, here are some tried and true tips for keeping your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape when the weather starts to heat up. From shade to seat covers, keeping it cool has never been this easy.

1. Dash Shade

You already know that parking your car in direct sunlight is going to bake the inside of the vehicle, but what you don’t realize is that it could actually be harming the interior of your car long term. The sun’s rays can fade, discolour, and crack the interior surfaces of your vehicle over time, significantly bringing down the quality and value of your vehicle. A dash cover can help reflect the sunlight and heat, which will not only protect the longevity of your vehicle’s interior but keep it nice and cool for your return. Rear and side window covers are also how to protect leather car seats from sun damage—usually irreversible and unsightly. Whenever possible (and even with window shades), keep your car parked out of direct sunlight and inside garages to escape the damaging rays.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Most people forget that vacuums aren’t just for homes; regular vacuuming will keep your car in tip-top shape and help avoid that “gritty” feeling as passengers settle onto your seats. It’s especially important in summer because crumbs and debris can get baked onto your seats and into the carpet by the hot sun, leaving you with an unpleasant stench and a hard-to-clean mess. If you have expensive leather seats, this is exactly how to protect leather car seats from sun damage and food stains. Make sure you use the different nozzle sizes on your vacuum to access hard-to-reach places in your car, like under and between seats.

3. Clean and Treat

When the inevitable spill happens, make sure you spot clean your seats and carpets right away with a professional cleaning product that will help you avoid unsightly stains. A seat conditioner is a great treatment to add to your routine as well to help keep leather and vinyl seats looking supple, smooth and shiny summer after summer and how to protect leather car seats from sun damage.

4. Seat Covers

Wondering how to protect leather car seats from sun damage at all times? Seat covers are a foolproof way to keep seats looking brand new, years down the road, without constant cleaning and maintenance. Custom seat covers fit perfectly to your vehicle’s seats, so no UV rays can get through to fade, discolour or crack the material of your seats—in fact, they’ll look as new as the day you bought them. They help protect seats from spills and messes during summer road trips as well, leaving you one less mess to clean up.

5. Floor Mats

Floor mats are a great way to keep your car clean this summer; protect the car from mud, sand and water stains by using all-season floor mats. They’ll catch and trap dirt so that it doesn’t get rubbed into the carpeting of your vehicle, and they’re quick and easy to clean. You’ll also keep your carpet dry, which is key to avoiding mould, mildew, and a permanent smell no amount of “new car” air freshener can fix. Don’t forget mats for the back seats and trunk as well!