Mini Cooper Seat Covers

When you’re looking for a vehicle with as much personality as you, the Mini Cooper is an obvious winner. Seat covers can help you bring even more of a personal touch to your Mini, with a range of fabrics and styles that give your vehicle’s interior the customization you crave. My Custom Car designs premium seat covers for your Mini Cooper that refuse to budge or slide, leaving you with a luxurious, smooth interior that hits the mark.

My Custom Car seat covers are best in their class for fit, design, and function. Unlike generic or universal seat covers, My Custom Car creates designs specific to your vehicle’s shape, size, and configuration, so you never have to worry about a fit issue. In fact, we guarantee it. Learn more about your options here.

About Mini Cooper

A minicompact car loved by its drivers, the Mini Cooper is a classic. With a unique design unmatched by any other manufacturer, the Mini Cooper stands out in the best possible way. After being used in a famous 2003 action movie, Mini Cooper sales exploded—and for good reason. This compact car is chock full of personality and standout features and is the best mix of practicality and zippy driving for city living.

Responsive driving makes the Mini Cooper a surprising joy to drive, and the plush interior is huge appeal for passengers. With bright, retro hues and a quirky design that’s instantly recognizable, the Mini Cooper helps you live life in the fast lane.

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