Mazda Seat Covers

Add a touch of personal style to your Mazda with premium car seat covers from My Custom Car. Our Mazda seat covers come in a myriad of fabrics, colours and designs. Effortlessly make a statement by having these custom car seat covers tailored for your vehicle.


Whether you're cruising in a Mazda 3, a CX-5 or a BT-50, we have a seat cover to suit your needs. Click here to select your fabric.


Mazda Models

121 E2000
323 E2200
626 E2500
B2000 MAZDA 2
B2200 MAZDA 3
B2500 MAZDA 6
B2600 MPV
B4000 MX5
BT50 MX6
CX-7 RX8
E1600 CX-3
E1800 MAZDA2

About Mazda

Mazda is a well-known automotive company founded in 1920 and has since then grown to be the brand it is today. Their brand essence is "Celebrate Driving" which is not just about the car's performance, but also the pride and confidence the owner feels towards it. And with Mazda's breathtaking design, it's easy to picture an unbreakable bond between a driver and their car.


Mazda has contributed a lot of engineering modifications to the automotive industry, and their revolutionary designs never fail to catch people's attention. The brand focuses on combining power and design with outstanding environmental and safety performance. And with a well-rounded vehicle, you would want to preserve its excellence every way you can. Protect your Mazda's interior for years and years with the help of high-quality custom seat covers from My Custom Car.