Leather Seat Covers

Leather Look Seat Covers

What are Leather Look Seat Covers?

Leather Look Seat Covers are a Polypropylene or PU material that is durable and long-lasting. It also has the appeal of a high-quality, luxury material. Leather Look is a highly serviceable material that is quick and easy to clean. My Custom Car’s Leather Look comes in at a 16 oz weight which ranks as one of the highest weighted seat cover fabrics available.

Leather Look Seat Covers

Who are Leather Look Seat Covers for?

Leather Look Seat Covers are a popular choice for people looking to give their car seats a more premium look and feel. This also benefits those with busy lifestyles as this material is no trouble to maintain. Car owners who aim to protect and preserve their real leather seats have been known to favour the Leather Look Seat Covers. This is to ensure that when they trade-in or sell their vehicle, their original seats are in pristine condition and they can receive the best resale value. Uber and taxi owners also prefer Leather Look because of its serviceability.


Leather Look offers your car's interior a stylish look at an affordable price. This product developed by My Custom Car has a premium face fabric look and feel. The thick 6mm foam lining provides additional comfort. It also aids the covers to mould and conform to the contours of the vehicle's seating.


Access all areas

Use your seat like you were meant to. Our covers accommodate all your seats features.


If our covers do not fit the seats of your selected vehicle, we will give you your money back.


Our custom covers won’t stretch out of shape and become baggy because we use an extra thick layer of foam backing which is also fully lined.


We find custom fit covers last on average twice as long as similar universal fit covers. This saves you the time and hassle finding and fitting replacements.


Great range of different fabrics available to fit more than 4000 individual vehicles. We have patterns for more than 98% of the vehicles on the road today.


Our couriers will deliver anywhere in Australia within 7 days of receiving your order.

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