Hyundai IX35 Seat Covers

Your Hyundai ix35 does a lot for you, so do something for it by protecting its upholstery with custom car seat covers from My Custom Car. As a multi-passenger, compact SUV, there's likely a lot going on in your ix35 -- and there's likely a lot of spills. One of the best ways to protect your seats -- and the resale value of your vehicle -- is to invest in car seat covers. Not just any car seat covers, either. Generic covers are meant to fit a general range of seats, which means they aren't meant to fit your seats, specifically. The result is coverage that sags and bunches and often covers important, model-specific safety features like belts, buckles and levers.

We make custom seat covers for your Hyundai ix35, so they slide on perfectly over your upholstery, providing exceptional coverage without compromising your ability to access your ix35’s features. What’s more, they’re available in a range of colours and materials, so you can select the seat covers that appeal to your tastes, as well as your needs. After all, not every ix35 driver uses their vehicle for the same purpose. For some, it’s a work vehicle. For others, a family ride. And for others, their Hyundai ix35 is a means to weekend adventures. Each one of these functions involves a different set of considerations when it comes to providing unparalleled protection for upholstery. This is why we offer more than one material: to customise for your vehicle, and your life.

See what we have in store for you. Click here to learn more about our lineup of Hyundai ix35 seat covers.

About the Hyundai ix35

Offering SUV drivers an extremely affordable and spacious option, the Hyundai ix32 appeals to drivers who value style as much as drivability. Sporty and attractively aggressive by design, the Hyundai ix35 has also been praised for its precision-crafted interior, impressive tech specs, solid 4-wheel drive handling and mid-range muscle performance.

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