Hyundai ILoad Seat Covers

Whether you’re looking for seat covers to protect the longevity of your van’s interior or looking to make the seats even more comfortable for your hard-working crew, My Custom Car is here to help. We offer premium seat covers that go the distance for you, your passengers, and your business because our family-owned company knows the importance of high-quality work and expert craftsmanship.

When choosing custom seat covers, go with a brand you can trust. My Custom Car has over 40 years of experience and can provide an unmatched level of service. Explore the different seat covers available to your Hyundai iLoad here.

About Hyundai iLoad

In terms of cargo and passenger vans, the Hyundai iLoad is quickly becoming an industry leader. With both three and six seater configurations, the van is adaptable for a wide range of commercial uses with room for both cargo and a crew. But this van isn’t just practical; it boasts many features designed to improve both driver and passenger comfort—a rarity in commercial vehicles. Features such as air conditioning, a solid sound system, and a multimedia system make the Hyundai iLoad a strong competitor in the commercial vehicle market.

Customers love the iLoad’s driveability, but are truly sold on the vehicle’s excellent service and warranty program. When a business is on the line, it pays to go with the highest quality product. At My Custom Car, we know the importance of premium materials and industry expertise, and so entrusting us with your custom seat covers means protecting your investment for the future.

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