Hyundai Getz Seat Covers

Your supermini car needs just as much upholstery protection as a luxury sedan. That's why My Custom Car has designed top-quality car seat covers specifically for your Hyundai Getz.

Generic cover simply won't do. Most of them have been made for larger seats in larger cars. Trying to make these one-size-fit all cover fit the seats in your Getz leaves much to be desired. Not only will the covers be too baggy, but they will restrict your access to essential safety features, like seat belts and adjustment levers.

Don’t compromise. Get car seat covers made for your Getz. Click here to learn more.

About the Hyundai Getz

Made in South Korea by Hyundai, the Getz has been delighting motorists who value minimalism and style since 2002. Since it’s premier at the Geneva Motor Show, it has gone on to be marketed in most countries in the world. Praised for it’s diminutive size and comparatively impressive get-up-and-go, the Getz has been extremely popular in highly populated urban areas.

While production of this super small and super agile car ceased in 2011, it can still be seen on the roads today in its three and five door hatchback style. Over the course of its years of production, the Hyundai Getz received several remarkable awards including, Australia's Best Small Car (2003- 2005), Scottish Small Car of the Year (2003), UK's What Car magazine’s Budget Car of the Year (2003), Best Seller of 2003 in Denmark, and Car of the Year in Portugal in 2004.

The Getz is proof that good things come in little packages, so if you've got a good thing going, protect it with custom seat covers from My Custom Car.

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